Monday, April 27, 2015
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This discussion will focus on the need of the African world community to develop and maintain scientific research collectives in order to advance African objectives. Our guests this evening will be a number of the authors from the research collective University of KMT Press to discuss the many texts that have recently been released by them and the various subject matter they cover.The Importance of Scientific Research Collectives: University of KMT Press 

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Call For PapersThe African Worldview in the Context of ciKam-cikùlù (Ancient Kemet),Vol. I

Editor: Asar Imhotep | Madu-Ndela Institute for the Advancement of Science and Culture

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Call: The African Worldview in the Context of ciKam-cikùlù (Ancient Kemet), Vol. I seeks submissions that explore new interpretations of existing data and/or presents new findings, theories, and methodologies in the field of Africana Studies in relation to ancient ciKam (km.t/Kemet). Volume I seeks to refine and expand an authentic African-centered framework for research, inquiry and analysis with the goal of developing action-oriented solutions to issues facing the global African community. 

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