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Welcome to the new Asar Imhotep Webpage

Thank you for visiting As you can see we have made a few changes from our previous design. It is still a work-in-progress and we hope you visit regularly to experience the new features of the website including new publications and music to download. Take a tour and leave your feedback on some of the articles. Most importantly, tell a friend. -Asar/Mujilu

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Call For PapersThe African Worldview in the Context of ciKam-cikùlù (Ancient Kemet),Vol. I

Editor: Asar Imhotep | Madu-Ndela Institute for the Advancement of Science and Culture

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Call: The African Worldview in the Context of ciKam-cikùlù (Ancient Kemet), Vol. I seeks submissions that explore new interpretations of existing data and/or presents new findings, theories, and methodologies in the field of Africana Studies in relation to ancient ciKam (km.t/Kemet). Volume I seeks to refine and expand an authentic African-centered framework for research, inquiry and analysis with the goal of developing action-oriented solutions to issues facing the global African community. 

A Paper in Honor of Dr. Kimbwandende K. Bunseki Fu-Kiau 

Abstract: Detailed linguistic studies have intimated and confirmed the deep cultural unity of Black Africa (Homburger 1949, Diop 1974, Obenga 1993, Bilolo 2011, Mboli 2010), which includes the ancient civilization of ciKam (Kemet). While connections have been made on a typological level between ancient ciKam and modern African societies, very few studies have been conducted that allow for us to make more concrete correlations and map precisely the presence of certain ‘Kemetic’ concepts across the spectrum of African cultures. This presentation seeks to fill in some of these gaps by examining the works of the late Kongo Ngânga (master), K.K. Bunseki Fu-Kiau (1986, 2001, 1991/2003, 2007). Tata Fu-Kiau is one of the few scholar-initiates, from the post-post-colonial movement, who has explored the paths to personal perfection within his own wisdom-tradition in his native Kongo, and has provided counter-hegemonic discourses which have allowed us to get a better understanding of ourselves and the richness of African thought and practice through a Bantu-Kongo lens. 

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